Each urn is unique,
as each person is unique…

A family business, in a small shop facing the St. Lawrence River in Saint-André de Kamouraska, Québec

Ecological wood urns, turned and hand-carved from a solid tree trunk

A craftsmanship and a creative approach attentive to your needs

urne funéraire artistique
urne funéraire artistique
urne funéraire artistique
urne en bois coti
Urne funéraire écologique
Urne funéraire écologique
Urne funéraire Québec
urne bois sculptée
urne artistique

Vitalis Créations,  from the Latin “which generates life.”

My name is Josée Bourgoin. I am a woodturner and sculptor. Welcome to my website!

I offer a service of artistic funeral creations that are individually customized to meet your needs. I shape urns in green wood that I hollow out and gently dry. What I enjoy most is bringing to light the uniqueness of each piece by adding special elements of sculpture. I am comforted in knowing that the ashes will be at the heart of a tree, surrounded, and protected by its natural warmth. Each tree is unique and is marked, as we are, by the cycle of life and death.

A turned wood urn… you’ll want to touch it …

Josée Bourgoin